Everybody loves a smooth &

flawless skin, even those with eczema.

Eczema is a term that is used to describe a variety of skin conditions. Some forms of eczema are, however, more than simple skin problems, and can be a signal that there may be an underlying problem with one’s immune system.

Sadly, eczema can cause serious pain and distress to those who suffer from it as it is often impossible to hide from other people. Many suffer from cracked skin that bleeds and itches and are unable to find solutions to heal their suffering. Others experience allergy-induced rashes that may affect only small areas of skin through scaly, oozing ulcerations. The fear of possible contagions may also result in many sufferers withdrawing from social contact.

Over the years, practitioners at The A.I.M Therapy have successfully helped many clients recover from eczema with our Bioresonance Therapy Program. We take the time to discover the root of the problem with our state-of-the-art BICOM device before mapping out a treatment plan to help resolve the problem at its root cause.

real life cases

Before Bioresonance Therapy

Case A

After 3 weeks of Bioresonance Therapy and change of eating habits

Effects of dairy milk allergy, causing neurodermatitis

Case B

After 1 month of Bioresonance Therapy

Wheat based neurodermatitis with acute eczema after being in the kitchen when wheat based noodles were being cooked.

Case C

After 5 weeks of Bioresonance Therapy


Case D

3 months after bioresonance therapy, she was free from Neurodermatitis