When Executive Director Ms. Lynthia Foo established The A.I.M. Therapy in 2014, she realised that she had the perfect opportunity to combine her passion for helping people experience healthier lives with her knowledge of Bioresonance Therapy. She knew that she had the potential to offer relief to those struggling with conditions that pharmaceutical medicines were not able to resolve.

Today, as one of Singapore’s leading holistic healing centres, The A.I.M. Therapy boasts a  team of  highly trained practitioners who have treated patients struggling with allergies, infections, ADHD, and even improve their lives with their smoking cessation programme.

“Without good health, every other achievement is useless,” Ms. Lynthia said. “I wanted to build an organisation to serve, assist and support our community to embark on the path of wellness, transformation, and wholeness.”

Ms. Lynthia Foo, Executive Director of The A.I.M. Therapy, views healthcare to be one of the most important needs of man because, as quoted, “without good health, every other achievement is useless”. She strongly believes that degenerative chronic diseases could easily be prevented with healthy living, and hence, wants to raise more awareness of preventive health and to equip everyone with a knowledge of it so that they can prevent chronic illnesses.

A modest company that started out initially with only 4 staff, it has expanded to a number of 12 as of December 2016. Ms. Foo herself is no greenhorn in the industry, having worked for many years before that enabled her to gain valuable experiences in building client communication, good etiquette, specialised skills and abilities and mentoring the newer members of staffs.

While The A.I.M Therapy specialises in Bioresonance Therapy – a gentle, non-invasive form of therapy with no damaging side effects on the human body – the practitioners also work with other forms of non-invasive, holistic therapies including Photo Dynamic Therapy,  Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy, and Molecular Hydrogen Therapy to treat various conditions.

Over the years, practitioners at The A.I.M. Therapy have successfully provided relief to thousands of people of all ages from infants to seniors and from all walks of life, most of whom know of our services through word-of-mouth recommendations. As more  Singaporeans become aware of the benefits of alternative holistic therapies, our practitioners find themselves accompanying more individuals through their journey to great health.