Allergy Relief by Treating the Root Cause

Allergies come in many shapes and forms – from skin allergies that range from common dermatitis to eczema,psoriasis, asthma, and food allergies. At The A.I.M. Therapy, we understand that it is essential to get to the root cause of allergies so that we can treat them effectively and efficiently as simply trying to treat the symptoms will not eliminate the problem.

The traditional method of testing for allergens involves the introduction of allergens into the skin via a puncture or scratch. While this is considered safe and relatively painless, it can still prove intimidating and unpleasant for many as the skin needs to be breached to introduce the allergen.

At The A.I.M. Therapy, we have found that Bioresonance is one of the best tools available to help with investigating the root cause of allergies. Bioresonance is also the preferred alternative because it utilizes both safe and non-invasive methods to test for allergens that the client has been reacting to.

Our practitioners start by taking a DNA sample from the client. They then use the state-of-the-art BICOM device that emits the electromagnetic waves of known allergens that have been pre-programmed into the device towards the DNA sample. The BICOM device then provides detailed information to the practitioner. This information allowsthe practitioner to provide the client with an in-depth, extensive overview of the potential allergens that their body is sensitive to and what foods they should be careful with.