Name: M. A. F.
Age: 25 years old
Date: 3 April 2022

The AIM Therapy (Bioresonance) provides positive enhancing treatment and has benefited me in my daily life. I have eczema; uncontrollable itch and skin inflammation that disrupt not only my daily activities but my mood as well.

I started Bioresonance under Mr. Jerry’s care and I observe obvious improvement; skin is less sensitive to the environment and thus less inflammation and easier to manage. Even after vigorous physical activities, my skin does not react badly to the heavy perspiration. I also notice that my skin tone has improved, and the dark patches is no longer seen. To my surprise, my psychological state is calm and relaxed after the treatment session. Now I can resume my daily routine or exercise actively without any concern of the eczema.

I would like to recommend The AIM therapy to my friends and family. It is a beneficial treatment, and it has positively changed my everyday life. It will help many others who suffers my similar condition. Hence anyone who has medical conditions should attend to this therapy for help.