Timothy Poh

Name: Timothy Poh
Age: 22 yrs old
Concern: Back injury since 2014

I had back injury since 2014 and since then it has been giving me pain regularly and sometimes giving me sleepless nights. I was recommended by therapist Jerry and I thought of giving Bioresonance Therapy a try as I have tried going for physiotherapy with no success. Also, I would want to try to solve an ongoing problem which is my lack of energy.

The therapy was very good. My back pain has been mostly eradicated. On top of that, I feel much more energetic throughout the day, no more sluggishness. Moreover, I felt much healthier, which is the ultimate goal of the therapy.

I will definitely recommend A.I.M. Therapy to my friends and relatives. In my opinion, this form of therapy has been very much neglected and controversial. But the effects of the therapy on me has proved this otherwise. I would want to share my experiences here so that Bioresonance Therapy can be more recognized in Singapore.

I am very impressed with my therapist’s depth of knowledge and attitude towards his customers. Jerry has provided me with the best experience, care, concern and thanks to his professionalism in this field. I thoroughly enjoyed my therapy sessions here! For those who have not tried, please do try before coming to any conclusion. This therapy works miracles!