Right Arm

Teo Jie Han

Name: Zacc Teo
Age: 29 years old
Concern: Eczema

I came to know about The A.I.M Therapy through the internet. I was having severe eczema since I was 6 months old. The itch gave me sleepless nights and I felt pain when I walk because of the wounds on my legs due to the scratching when it is itchy. I was skeptical in the beginning but I thought I can give it a try since it’s non-invasive and there is no side effect. After going through the initial assessment, I get to know my food allergy and I started abstinent to the food that I am allergic to. After a few sessions, I feel less itchy and I can sleep better at night. The therapy also helps on my bowel movement as previously I have difficulty going to the toilet every day. As my bowel movement improve and with changes to my diet, my skin gradually improved too. The redness has reduced and not only that, the itchiness has lessen and my skin is not so flaky.

I am happy with my result and I would recommend this therapy to everyone.