Sngeeta Do Sangal Ram

Name: Ms. SSR
Age: 28 years old
Concerns: Skin Allergy

My aunt recommended The A.I.M. Therapy to me after she did research online pertaining to skin allergy. I decided to go for it upon hearing that there are similar cases of 100% healing without having to use steroid and medications in future. Bioresonance therapy has no side effects and prevents flaring of skin in future. During the initial period of therapy, it was tough and depressing dealing with the steroid withdrawal, flaking skin all over the body, and being immunity-compromised. However, seeing an improvement made me feel positive that I am in the process of recovering.

Believing that sharing is caring, I had recommended some loved ones to the Centre and would definitely recommend it if I come across someone who is suffering and need healing. I would like to encourage people who have not tried this therapy yet with these statements:

If there is no pain, there is no gain. In order to have 100% healing via the natural way, the withdrawal process is unavoidable. Be strong and face every hurdle positively without losing faith and hope

My Therapist Jerry, has been very supportive and approachable especially during the tough moments of steroid withdrawal. His readiness to respond when I messaged him in anxiety makes this treatment holistic.