Ryan Loh

Name: R. L.
Age: 25
Concern: Eczema all over the body

Over the recent years, I had onset of eczema all over my body. It was painful and uncomfortable due to many open wounds that would weep and be infected because of the uncontrollably scratching on the dry inflamed skin.

I get to know The A.I.M. Therapy by word of mouth and decided to come down for the free consultation with my family. Therapist Jerry Chow attended to me and after the consultation, I decided to do the Comprehensive Check. I was advised by Jerry that I had an intolerance to dairy milk and peanuts. As such, I had to refrain from consuming said food, until my condition improved.

While undergoing a weekly therapy session (after the 6th sessions), my body condition has not only improved, but my overall health is better and my bowel movement is regular (daily) now. Jerry is focusing on the regeneration phase (healing phase) since the improvement. He has taken good care of me since my last session in March’18 and I am currently on a monthly maintenance.

I would highly encourage others to just give it a try.