Nurul Indriati Bte Darni

Name: Nurul Indriati Bte Darni
Age: 37
Concern: Cancer Support Therapy

My son, Faryze has been suffering from eczema since childhood which he will feel irritated due to the itchiness and suffered with sleeping difficulties. His affected area are mostly existed behind his knees and inner elbows. As his CCA is badminton, flaring will affect him more when he perspire. As my other son Farlye is undergoing treatment at A.I.M Therapy and I’ve read about how Bioresonance Therapy works wonder with a much worse eczema case, we decided to bring Faryze for an assessment too.

Faryze underwent the Assessment on 2 March 2019, conducted by Therapist Ms. Ann. Findings indicated his weak organs, strains and his intolerances.

He started his first therapy session on 6 March 2019. We noticed significant improvement after his 4th therapy session, which the parts he has flares on his behind knees and inner elbows dried up with lesser itch experienced. Following, Faryze’s condition stabilized with no new flare and was cleared with minimal recurrence. He no longer feels itchy and could sleep without issue currently. Apart from that, the therapy also helped to increase his tolerance level towards the intolerance substances which were initially diagnosed which he no longer requires to restrict himself to avoid.

I would encourage my friends/ relatives who have not yet try Bioresonance to come. This treatment is non-invasive, painless with no side effect and is better for you and your kids. Regret will be something you will never experience.