Low Eng Chuan

Name: Low Eng Chuan
Age: 64 yrs

On November 2014, I felt excruciating pain all over my body and been visiting doctors for help. Finally, I was hospitalised and was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer With Bone Metastases.

I went for Chemotherapy as recommended by the doctors. Not long after, the side effects of the Chemotherapy started kicking in. I felt very weak, constipated, hot tempered and could not sleep well.

My niece then introduced me to The A.I.M. Therapy Centre to seek help. It uses a form of non- invasive Bioresonance Therapy to improve my health. The Therapy also able to remove toxins and bad cells from my body and increase my body’s immunity.
Ever since I started receiving treatments in early March 2015, the side effects progressively started to clear up! The pain went away and I could sleep.
I feel a whole lot better and have received comments from my friends and family that I look better and brighter than before!

I have been recommending several family members and friends to The A.I.M. Therapy Centre. I believe that Bioresonance treatment will help patients with similar problems.

I feel that conventional medicine practices and alternative methods should complement each other to produce better results.