6 OCT 2019 – 1ST SESSION 5 NOV 2019 – 5TH SESSION

Jaffar Surani

Name: Mr Jaffar
Age: 65
Concern: Eczema

A buddy introduced me to The A.I.M. Therapy upon seeing me suffer from eczema for 5 months since May 2019 unknowing what severely impacted my skin. I did an assessment with my practitioner, Andy, and found I have dermatitis issues with fungal growths on my palms, fingers, finger/toenails and both feet. That gravely shocked me as I least expect to develop such bad conditions at my age. I had issues walking as the dry and harden skin causes pain due to bleeding, cracking and flesh tearing. Hence, I often wear thick socks and tediously damp my skin to walk better. In addition to my hands, I sadly could not touch my newborn twin grandkids – of fear I will affect them. Now, I can do it all!

To alleviate my conditions, Andy advised me to alter dietary and lifestyle habits, so I heeded his words by doing the treatments and supplements. Positively, now everyone is glad my skin conditions improved greatly. My self-esteem also increased and do not feel as hesitant in offering a handshake.

After 5-6 therapy sessions, I saw stupendous improvements (pictures attached below) and elated to see my healthy skin again. I feel confident seeing these results and strongly believed it works on me, and who have not tried yet.