Asher Chen

Name: Asher Chen
Age: 4 Years Old
Concern: Allergies. Recurring sore throat and bronchitis.

Asher’s pediatrician recommended us to run some allergy tests for him as he had multiple episodes of recurring sore throat and bronchitis issues. Weight and height gain has been slow over the past 1 year. As a parent, we were looking for non-invasive therapy to resolve his issues. My colleague is a customer of The A.I.M Therapy and recommended us to come for the Allergy Check.

Asher’s Therapist, Ms Ann Tan, recommended us to restrict his dietary intake according to his Allergy report. It worked and the episodes of recurring sore throat and bronchitis has reduced. Weight and height gain have improved from 15kg to 16kg (current). After a few therapy sessions, Asher is finally allowed to take some food items that he has been restricted for months. And he is so happy!

It’s a pleasure to go to the therapy every week to a very warm and passionate team. Special thanks to Ms. Ann Tan for accommodating to Asher, keeping us updated on his progress, improvement and advise we need to adhere at home. Eg. to get Asher to drink water.

I would recommend this therapy to friends and relatives. But, it’s a little expensive, but aside to it, Asher’s health and energy level has improved over the course of therapy. Go for the Allergy Check first and find out what’s the areas of improvement needed to address current health issues.

(Mrs. Chen – Asher’s Mom)