Annette Lim / Chia Kim Suan

We would like say a BIG thank you to Lynthia, Shu Shian and their team. Our baby would still be suffering if not for AIM Therapy's bioresonance treatment.

We would like say a BIG thank you to Lynthia, Shu Shian and their team. Our baby would still be suffering if not for AIM Therapy’s bioresonance treatment.

Since our baby is 3 weeks old, she started to have eczema and we thought it is the common milk rashes. Doctor had to give her steroid. However, her eczema was never really cured and she would have minor flare up every 3-4 days. She had a bad flare up at 6 months old and brought her to Paediatrician who also give her steroid and told us to keep moisturising. We even keep changing her infant formula but nothing works. We are unable to give her solid as every food we tried, she had another flare up. She had nasal congestion and fever too. She will scratch herself nonstop and all of us never had a good night rest as it pains to see her rubbing and scratching all day and night.

Eventually, we decide to bring her for an allergy check and we found out that she is allergy to cow milk and lactose intolerance. With bioresonance, she can sit comfortably on the sofa and have her allergy checks without any pain as compared to do the prick test where at least 11 holes are prick on the fragile skin for testing for irritation. It pains to see our kid suffer and ache further if they are put through such test.

Frankly we do have our doubts on how bioresonance therapy treatment but decides to give it a try and her results shows it all. Her rashes subsides immediately after the first treatment and her conditions improves with every subsequent treatment. We can give her solid food and can bring the food or any items to have it checked before using it on her. We are able to know not just whether she is allergy to that food but whether she absorb the nutrients.

Shu Shian has also help to reverse her allergy and strength her immunity so that she can continue to take my existing stocks of breastmilk which contain cow milk content. I am really thankful to be able to continue to use the breastmilk as it takes a lot of sacrifice to pump the precious breastmilk and no Mother wants it to go to waste.

Most importantly, she no longer scratch till it bleed and she get back her fair smooth skin. She is no longer cranky and uncomfortable. She is happy and sleep better. We also realise she can sit and play for longer period of time. All these are only possible with AIM therapy. Our heartfelt thank you to everyone on the team. Grateful.

Thank you once again!

Annette Lim / Chia Kim Suan